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About Tanya Izzard

I discovered E. M. Delafield’s writing in my early thirties, and for the last twenty-five years I’ve been reading, re-reading and researching her work. After enjoying my MA in Modernism at the University of Sussex, I was attracted by the idea of a PhD - and EMD seemed like an ideal subject. Not much had been written about her, she produced a lot of work, and most of it during one of my favourite historical periods, between the two world wars of the twentieth century. The PhD did not exhaust my enthusiasm for EMD and the natural next step is her biography.

I now work as a freelance book indexer, working mostly on scholarly books about history, literature, art and culture. You can read more about my indexing work on my website. What could be a better side project, then, than to index the Diary of a Provincial Lady?

If you’ve got a query or suggested additions, do get in touch via tanya@tanyaizzard.com, via Twitter or on LinkedIn.